Sunday, 23 October 2011

Burson HA-160DS

The Burson HA-160DS had just been announced with a suggested retail price of 890USD in North America and Asia including postage. The newly announced DAC cum headphone amp should be a great one box solution for people who do not require the bigger and more expensive 160D's pre-amplifier function. I personally think that at this new price point, the 160DS is going to be pretty much untouchable as a DAC and headphone amp combo.

From Burson,
The HA-160D was built as an all in one machine that fits from a desktop audio setup to a full sized stereo system.. Since its introduction, audiophiles and magazine reviewers everywhere, appreciate it as a benchmark 3 in 1 performer, outgunning its competitors whose prices are much more expensive. Renowned reviewers, musicans and recording artists are using it to assist their creative work and are enjoying its sound everyday.
For headphone audiophiles however, the HA-160D has features that some may never use. Features such as its high end preamp, DAC output and multiple analogue inputs. We also understand that some head-fiers would like it to have a smaller footprint on the desk. Bearing this in mind we have introduced the HA-160DS. It is a streamlined version of HA-160D focused for the desktop head-fiers.

Compared to the HA-160D, the HA-160DS is 16% smaller in footprint and 35% lighter in weight. And with fewer features, it is more affordable. But it is in no way an inferior and cost focused product. It is simply a focused 2 in 1 machine that has all the performance and refinements expected from Burson Audio.

Its DAC is identical to that inside the HA-160D right down to each component used. The headphone is also identical to the HA-160 which we have been refining since 2009. We have also reduced the number of headphone outputs to one and used the best volume potentiometer we could find to ease control while preserving sonic quality. It is housed in a smaller but precision folded 4 mm aluminium casing that is elegant on any desk and works as a singular heat-sink for the entire machine. This case really puts the conventional 1 mm folded steel case to shame.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Audez'e LCD-3 Lotus Driver

The LCD-3 headphones will be using a completely redesigned planar magnetic driver, called the Lotus driver.

LOTUS - Ultra Thin Diaphragm

Most Planar Magnetic speakers use Mylar (PET) diaphragm with aluminum traces. Audez’e transducers use new materials that offer substantial improvements for both diaphragm and traces. Audez’es proprietary LOTUS diaphragm is capable of handling maximum continuous operating temperatures 
of over 400 Deg Fahrenheit, This enables the drivers to have smooth, resonance free frequency response, excellent internal damping, egde damping, very low distortion and extremely fast transient response. In addition, the Audez’e Transducers are very versatile and efficient. This enables the user to pair them with a wide variety of amplifiers. The diaphragms and transducers can be optionally made hydrophobic and dust repellant for special applications.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

First Photos of the New Woo WA-234, CD Transport and DAC!

Woo CD Transport and DAC

Woo WA-234
These new products look stunning as expected from Woo-audio given their existing range of products. I am particularly excited about their top loading CD transport and will be looking forward to picking one up. The WA-234 looks very unique, completely different from almost any other headphone amp currently in the market, reminding me more of some really flagship mono block speaker amps but miniaturized. The design does look somewhat impractical though since most headphone users have space constraints which may not be able to accommodate the Woo's bulk so well. More specifications, details and pricing will be released soon, so stay tuned.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Audez'e LCD-3

The Audez'e LCD-3 headphones have just been announced. Audez'e are claiming that the new LCD-3s which will be shown at RMAF 2011 this weekend  have "unsurpassed bass extension exceptional treble and the best midrange of any headphone on the market. " I am extremely excited by these new headphones and am looking forward to trying them and maybe picking up a pair when they launch on 11th September this year. They will also be showing off their new Reality-1 near-field studio monitors, as well as the Ether-1, a 7-foot-tall speaker array, and Spitfire UHDR-1, a planar magnetic microphone. Check out some pictures, details and specifications from Audez'e below. Something interesting to note is that the LCD-3s have the same sensitivity as the LCD-2s, meaning that they should probably be relatively similar to the LCD-2s with regard to power/amplification requirements. Love the new Zebra wood finish too which should go really well with Sieveking Zebrano Headphone stand (Picture from Session Music).
Audez'e LCD-3

Sieveking Omega Stand in Zebrano
Spitfire Planar-Magnetic Microphone
Audez'e Reality -1
Audez’e’s Reality-1 is a unique reference monitor that combines the hyper-detailed response of the Audez’e LCD series of headphones and the sonic experience of high-end speakers. In Reality-1 the high performance planar driver is coupled with two custom dynamic woofers that provide the low-end punch. The side firing woofers are customized for very fast transient response and to minimize the cabinet vibrations.

Depth - 9.8 Inches, Width - 8.6 Inches, Height - 12 Inches
Audez’e LCD-3
When we started designing the LCD-3 professional reference headphones, the goal was very clear, it must be the best. No compromise when it comes to the quality of sound. 
Audez’e aspires to deliver extraordinary products through research. The LCD-3 is packed with many innovative technologies and new approaches.
The all new LOTUS diaphragm that uses a special alloy for conductive traces gives us greater control, lower distortion. Translation - Music that sounds like original studio recordings.
Design and Comfort
Zebra wood housing
Lambskin Earpads
Efficiency = 91 dB
Starts shipping 11-11-11
Price - $1945.00

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Woo WA-234

Big news from the leading headphones amplifier maker, Woo Audio. They have recently announced their incoming Woo WA-234 mono-block amp. It will be offered in both headphone only and headphone plus speaker configurations. First public showing will be at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this weeked (14th-16th October), along with a new CD transport as well as a Digital Analogue Converter. Look forward to pictures coming soon and check out this great article about the WA-234 from Woo in the meantime.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Earsonics EM4

Hey guys, superrr exciting news, Earsonics has just launched their new claim to the best custom in ear monitor title, the Earsonics EM4. They are claiming that this new in ear monitor is the closest thing yet to listening to a full sized headphone, taking the sound outside the listener's head, something that is often a complain of users with regards to earphones, even flagship customs. I am very interested and am seriously considering getting one (poor wallet). Here are some pictures and specifications from their website, price is going to be 890 Euros.


Sensitivity: 124 dB/mW
Frequency response : 10 Hz -20 kHz
Imp√©dance: 55 ohms
Driver: 4 balanced armature drivers (2 lows, 1medium, 1 high), 3-way passive crossover.
Included Accessories Replaceable "Y" cable, cleansing wipes, cerumen removal tool with brush, carrying case.

Warranty: 1 year (except cable)