Saturday, 8 October 2011

Earsonics EM4

Hey guys, superrr exciting news, Earsonics has just launched their new claim to the best custom in ear monitor title, the Earsonics EM4. They are claiming that this new in ear monitor is the closest thing yet to listening to a full sized headphone, taking the sound outside the listener's head, something that is often a complain of users with regards to earphones, even flagship customs. I am very interested and am seriously considering getting one (poor wallet). Here are some pictures and specifications from their website, price is going to be 890 Euros.


Sensitivity: 124 dB/mW
Frequency response : 10 Hz -20 kHz
Imp√©dance: 55 ohms
Driver: 4 balanced armature drivers (2 lows, 1medium, 1 high), 3-way passive crossover.
Included Accessories Replaceable "Y" cable, cleansing wipes, cerumen removal tool with brush, carrying case.

Warranty: 1 year (except cable)

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