Friday, 21 October 2011

Audez'e LCD-3 Lotus Driver

The LCD-3 headphones will be using a completely redesigned planar magnetic driver, called the Lotus driver.

LOTUS - Ultra Thin Diaphragm

Most Planar Magnetic speakers use Mylar (PET) diaphragm with aluminum traces. Audez’e transducers use new materials that offer substantial improvements for both diaphragm and traces. Audez’es proprietary LOTUS diaphragm is capable of handling maximum continuous operating temperatures 
of over 400 Deg Fahrenheit, This enables the drivers to have smooth, resonance free frequency response, excellent internal damping, egde damping, very low distortion and extremely fast transient response. In addition, the Audez’e Transducers are very versatile and efficient. This enables the user to pair them with a wide variety of amplifiers. The diaphragms and transducers can be optionally made hydrophobic and dust repellant for special applications.

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