Friday, 14 October 2011

Audez'e LCD-3

The Audez'e LCD-3 headphones have just been announced. Audez'e are claiming that the new LCD-3s which will be shown at RMAF 2011 this weekend  have "unsurpassed bass extension exceptional treble and the best midrange of any headphone on the market. " I am extremely excited by these new headphones and am looking forward to trying them and maybe picking up a pair when they launch on 11th September this year. They will also be showing off their new Reality-1 near-field studio monitors, as well as the Ether-1, a 7-foot-tall speaker array, and Spitfire UHDR-1, a planar magnetic microphone. Check out some pictures, details and specifications from Audez'e below. Something interesting to note is that the LCD-3s have the same sensitivity as the LCD-2s, meaning that they should probably be relatively similar to the LCD-2s with regard to power/amplification requirements. Love the new Zebra wood finish too which should go really well with Sieveking Zebrano Headphone stand (Picture from Session Music).
Audez'e LCD-3

Sieveking Omega Stand in Zebrano
Spitfire Planar-Magnetic Microphone
Audez'e Reality -1
Audez’e’s Reality-1 is a unique reference monitor that combines the hyper-detailed response of the Audez’e LCD series of headphones and the sonic experience of high-end speakers. In Reality-1 the high performance planar driver is coupled with two custom dynamic woofers that provide the low-end punch. The side firing woofers are customized for very fast transient response and to minimize the cabinet vibrations.

Depth - 9.8 Inches, Width - 8.6 Inches, Height - 12 Inches
Audez’e LCD-3
When we started designing the LCD-3 professional reference headphones, the goal was very clear, it must be the best. No compromise when it comes to the quality of sound. 
Audez’e aspires to deliver extraordinary products through research. The LCD-3 is packed with many innovative technologies and new approaches.
The all new LOTUS diaphragm that uses a special alloy for conductive traces gives us greater control, lower distortion. Translation - Music that sounds like original studio recordings.
Design and Comfort
Zebra wood housing
Lambskin Earpads
Efficiency = 91 dB
Starts shipping 11-11-11
Price - $1945.00


  1. can i use my specialty ALO LCD-2 cables on the LCD-3?

  2. Yes, you will be able to use your old cables as the LCD-3 has the same cable connectors as the LCD-2s.